Elvis Richardson

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LEVEL Discussion Series – Elvis Richardson
Wednesday 19 June 7pm
Level Project Space, Studio 3.12, 109 Edward Street Brisbane

For this event, Elvis Richardson will be speaking about the CoUNTess project and her conceptual based art practice, which includes an ongoing body of works titled Slide Show Land.

CoUNTess is an online research project that engages with the current state of contemporary art practice and provides an essential tool for understanding the arts in Australia.  Countess has received critical acclaim and attention for its activities and contribution to current discourses on gender representation in contemporary art in Australia.  CoUNTess has been invited to speak at the Cruthers Collection of Women Artists conference and Performance Space in 2012.  CoUNTess has been reviewed and quoted in numerous national visual art publications including – Eyeline, Artlink, Art Monthly, Runway, UnMagazine and will be contributing a feature to the upcoming Artlink on Art and Feminism edited by Bec Dean and Joanna Mendleson in 2013.

In her art practice, Richardson creates idiosyncratic archives of objects, images and data, as raw materials to construct new narratives about identity, witness and the re-creation of memories.  Gathered from the public domains of YouTube, eBay, charity shops, hard rubbish, the data bases of real-estate and social media, her archives are re-presented in sculpture and video installations so as to display their vivid stories of love, triumph, loss, obsolescence and reveal predictable human behaviors. Her archives are both intimate and cultural in scope and reveal the deep human need to be recognized and held in the memories of others.

Slide Show Land started in 2002 as Richardson’s MFA project at Columbia University in New York while on a Samstag Scholarship.  While Slide Show Land touches upon realities of death, concepts of loss and sentimental feelings of reminiscence, the works show us the pervasive familiarity of the image economy found on facebook and flikr and beyond, including contemporary art. Slide Show Land has been exhibited at many key public and commercial spaces in Australia and overseas including; University of Alabama Museum of Art, Canberra Contemporary Artspace, Plimsol Gallery University of Tasmania, Monash University Museum of Art, Hugo Michell Gallery Adelaide and Nellie Castan Gallery Melbourne.



Image: Elvis Richardson Slide Show Land – Dorothy and Jack, c-type 100x75cm, 2007. Courtesy the artist.

This project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and is supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory governments.
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