System and method to assist an insomniatic state for creative thought. (005)


System and method to assist an insomniatic state for creative thought. (005)
A solo exhibition by Antoinette J Citizen as Emerson Greene
15 – 24 March 2013

Opening Thursday 14 March 6pm
LEVEL Project Space,Studio 3.12, 109 Edward Street Brisbane
Exhibition hours: 2 – 6pm Friday – Sunday

In this exhibition Emerson Greene will presents an experimental system and method that seeks to create and maintain an insomniatic state for creative thought. The system utilises current brain interface technologies to keep the user in a perpetual state of almost being asleep – thus allowing the user to experience the fluid thinking state available to insomniacs without the overwhelming negative side effects the disorder embodies.

Emerson Greene is a life logger who is attempting to quantify the self. Greene records extensive amounts of data on daily activities, health and other happenings in hope that one day the data will reveal the algorithm for human nature.

Greene is a focused persona of the artist Antoinette J. Citizen who is a pseudonym for the real life Michelle Woulahan. Woulahan graduated with Honours from a BFA at Queensland University of Technology in 2008 and is currently undertaking a PhD by research at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Citizen has exhibited nationally in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney including the exhibition Fresh Cut 2012 at the Institute of Modern Art, Artspace’s Artist-Run exhibition Eastern Seaboard (2011) with No Frills* and internationally in Luxembourg and Germany for the exhibition Ceci n’est pas un Casino! (2010).  Citizen has been involved in various residencies including with DAS in the United Kingdom, Aphids in Victoria and with Media Lab Melbourne.

This will be Greene‘s first exhibition.

Image: Emerson Green System and method to assist an insomniatic state for creative thought. (005). Courtesy the artist.

This project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and is supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory governments.
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