Food For Thought Dinner Party Next Wave 2012 photo Pia Johnson

LEVEL is an artist run initiative and feminist collective comprising Courtney Coombs,  Caitlin Franzmann, Rachael HaynesCourtney Pedersen and Anita Holtsclaw. LEVEL is focused on generating dialogue around gender, feminism and contemporary art through projects in different locations and contexts, manifesting as exhibitions, discussions, workshops and participatory artworks. LEVEL seeks to provide a new platform for discussion; LEVELing the playing field.


LEVEL was founded in 2010 by artists Courtney Coombs, Rachael Haynes and Alice Lang. From 2010-2011 LEVEL operated as an all-women gallery space with artist studios. In 2012 LEVEL was commissioned for a major project ‘Food for Thought’ as part of the Melbourne Next Wave Festival. This was the first in a series of participatory artworks, which were subsequently staged in exhibitions and events at national and international venues including the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Brisbane (2014); Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Sydney (2013); Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane (2013); Performance Space, Sydney (2012) and Rojitohito, Tokyo (2012).

Image: LEVEL Food for Thought 2012 Next Wave Festival Melbourne.


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